Keep you're beautiful umbrella fresh!

When in use:

Take care when setting up and closing the umbrella.

Make sure it's well anchored and assembled fully and correctly.

Check everything is fastened correctly and secured.

Consider other people around you and collapse the umbrella if leaving it unattended.

Check the weather conditions and do not use in windy conditions.

Water Resistant, but not Water Proof, avoid exposure to rain.

Do not leave children unattended.

Keep away from open flames.

This parasol is designed for use as a sunshade only.


Storing in the winter:

Some colour fading on fabric from exposure to sunshine is inevitable. Please store somewhere safe away from sunlight when not in use.

Store in a dry well ventilated place.

Wipe down the pole and mechanism with a damp cloth and then a dry cloth.

Make sure the parasol fabric is dry before storage.

Reclaimed wood can bow slightly over time and develop small cracks. We recommend treating the wood occasionally to maximise longevity.